The Fundamentals Of Education

Dec 02, 2020


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(WECT) - Brunswick County Board of Education members considered offering financial incentives to recruit new teachers and heard options to address a baseball field flooding problem at their meeting Monday night. Currently, there are four teacher openings, one in math and three for exceptional children, read more… which administrators describe as positions that are difficult to fill. Board members were told during a presentation proposing $2500 incentives for critical staff recruitment that there could be as many as six more openings during this school year. If implemented, the incentive would be spread over 10 months so the new teachers would receive $250 each month during their first year. After discussion, board members decided to table this topic for further discussion in January. Also at Monday night’s meeting, Brunswick County School’s Chief Operating Officer Sue Rutledge presented two options to address the flooding and drainage problems encountered at South Brunswick High School’s baseball field. Engineers were brought in to assess the options. To re-sod the field with real grass, it would be necessary to add underground drainage; this option could be done for an estimated $350,000 and would not necessarily be a 100 percent guaranteed fix. The second option would be to install artificial turf at a cost of over one million dollars. Neither option would fix the problem for the upcoming baseball season but administrators said they would like to have some direction by early next year.